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San Francisco Considers Free Crack Pipes at TaxPayer Expense

This is the thinking of the left in this country. In order to save people from the unfortunate and degrading death that may come from AIDS, let’s give them free crack pipes and let them kill themselves naturally — by smoking themselves to death. What?

There is talk coming out of San Francisco that this may be launched on a small scale, even if the local government refuses to get behind it. Before you dismiss this story totally, let’s go back to 2010 because San Francisco would not be the first U.S. city to try this experiment. Seattle already has:

For more than 20 years, local heroin addicts have relied on a collection of needle exchanges for clean works. But in recent months, crack users too have quietly found an outlet in the city.

In a nondescript alley in the University District, users can pick up clean crack pipes, pipe filters and ascorbic acid for injecting crack. Heroin users can also pick up a drug that reverses a heroin overdose — an apparent first for a city needle exchange.

“We take a different philosophy approach than most government institutions or public health departments. They have a budget, and have to pick and choose who they’re going to help,” said Shilo Murphy, executive director of the non-profit People’s Harm Reduction Alliance, which runs the U-District needle exchange.

Public health officials know of no other local program that gives out crack kits or Naloxone, the heroin-overdose reversal drug. But they see the potential benefits.

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