Ted Cruz Interview that CBS Didn’t Want you to See

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is no shrinking violet, and if you watched his most recent interview with Bob Schieffer you probably noticed that. Schieffer didn’t hold back any of his contempt for the Texas Republican and his laser focus on the government shutdown that the Democrat Party enacted was proof of that. Cruz continually noted that he spoke out against the government shutdown time and again, but the Democrat Party chose to shut down the government rather than negotiate with Republicans on the budget.

But CBS and Schieffer didn’t actually show you the entire length and breadth of his interview with Cruz. In fact, they left out the very best part.

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SCHIEFFER: Will you run for president?

CRUZ: Well, look, my focus is on the challenges facing this country right now, it’s on the senate. My focus, for example, is on the abuse of power from the president.

Let’s take something like the IRS scandal.

SCHIEFFER: So, do I take that as a yes or no? Or still thinking about it.

CRUZ: What you can take that as is that my focus is standing and fighting right now in the senate to bring back jobs and economic growth. Economic growth is my number one priority.

TedCruzConstitutionLet me tell you something that deeply concerns me. It’s the abuse of power from this administration, we’ve seen multiple filmmakers prosecuted and the governments gone after them. Whether it was the poor fellow that did the film the President blamed Benghazi and the terrorist attack on. Turned out that wasn’t the reason for the attack. But the administration went and put that poor fellow in jail on unrelated charges. Or just this week it’s been broken that Dinesh D’Souza, who did a very big movie criticizing the President, is now being prosecuted by this administration.

Bob, can you imagine the reaction if the Bush administration had went and gone and prosecuted Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn. It should trouble everyone that this administration uses government power, and the IRS in particular, to target their enemies. You’re talking in a few minutes to Chuck Schumer…

It’s at this point that Bob Schieffer, who had been trying to cut off Senator Cruz for a few minutes finally succeeds and ends the interview.

It’s a wonder that they cut out the most important part of the interview… or maybe it’s just par for the course. The media once again covering for the Obama administration’s many sins…

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