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OMB Director Mulvaney on What Could Drain the Swamp [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

‘Drain the swamp’ was one of Trump’s campaign slogans and promises. It was by draining the swamp that America would be made great again.

It’s been abundantly clear ever since Trump took office, that the swamp is far too entrenched in Washington to change in such a short amount of time, and by just one person. While Trump has some ideological allies working alongside him, they are far outnumbered by those who stand to gain from the status quo.

The Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Mick Mulvaney said that to drain the swamp may take something as drastic as a government shutdown. Here’s what he had to say in an interview with John Dickerson, host of Face the Nation:

“The president is frustrated that the process is Washington is broken. What we did this week was fine, and passable, but not ideal. The appropriations process, Congress using the power of the purse has been broken here in Washington for more than ten years, and I think a ‘good shutdown’ would be one that could help fix that.

“It is part of that overall ‘Drain the Swamp’ mentality about Washington D.C.

“This president is willing to think outside the box and do things differently around here to change Washington, and if that means a shutdown, so be it.”

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