Illegal Alien on Foodstamps is actually Heroin Kingpin

How ridiculous must our laws and regulations be when a drug kingpin can be living in our suburbs, getting welfare, while actually being here illegally?

How is it possible for an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT to be receiving welfare/food stamps?

How is it possible for an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT to not be deported when they have a “decorated criminal past?”

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How is it possible for an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT with a “decorated criminal past” to be receiving almost $1000 a month in welfare?

If you don’t believe that something like this is possible in America today, just take a gander at this story out of Polk County, Florida.

As Brian Hayes of Top Right News says, “Yet another welfare and illegal alien insanity story – while amnesty pimps like Sen. Dick Durbin keep telling us “undocumented immigrants can’t collect welfare”.

The head of the largest heroin operation in Polk County, FL history, along with numerous others who work for him, are illegal aliens who collect foodstamps. Four of the operation’s women also collect WIC payments.”

Stories like this are innumerable throughout our country, but every time a Republican stands up to say that our immigration system and the plans that Democrats have for reform are CRAZY, they get called horrible names like racist, bigot, intolerant or xenophobic. The media plays its part be reinforcing these ugly generalities and giving liberals cover by making them seem plausible.

The cold hard truth is this – we are not racists and we are not xenophobic. We live in the same communities that liberals do, and we interact with and love on our neighbors no matter their race, creed or color. The truth is that we are concerned about the excessive waste created by a massively overburdened welfare state and the signals being sent when we allow illegal immigrants the right to stay, while keeping out those who have tried to enter legally. The truth is that we live in dangerous times when certain groups seek to hurt us, so we believe a system must be created to number and catalogue the people entering our nation to ensure they mean us no harm.

But I guess that doesn’t make for a good news story for the main stream media. Well, maybe a few more stories like this one from Florida will get the MSM to stop demagoguing us and start listening to what we are actually saying… but I won’t hold my breath.


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