WTH? Dad Confronts School Board After Finding Out What School is Teaching Children (Video)

I would have marched my 5’7 butt up to the school board just as fast as this father, if not quicker, the moment I found out what the school was teaching my children!

One father found out that his child’s school was teaching students none other than the religion of “peace.” That’s right, Islam. He handled things very professionally, despite his outrage, and went straight to the school board to confront him about this nonsense.

This is their way of fighting “Islamaphobia” but teaching that in school, especially without the parents’ consent, is NOT the way to do it. Our kids are prohibited from praying in school or bringing a bible to school, but it’s okay to teach Islam? Sorry, but we are NOT okay with that!

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Janet Levy of American Thinker:

“If allowed to stand, the SDUSD anti-bullying program – geared specifically to the CAIR-identified needs of Muslim students – could mark a dangerous departure from treasured constitutional principles and First Amendment protections. This case warrants serious attention, as it has grave implications for the direction of education and the supremacy of Islam in the nation.”

I do not even have children yet but I can promise you now that if this is the garbage being taught once I do, then I will gladly homeschool.

With a decade-long history of yielding to Islamic demands and recent, more alarming submissions, San Diego city schools appear to be ground zero for Islamic indoctrination within American public schools. The current capitulation includes an Islam-centric curriculum with input and resources from a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organization, which raises First Amendment issues as well as serious concerns of favoritism toward Muslims students over students of other faiths.

 Do people not care that this is the religion that “radicals” are pouring out of, as they yell “Death to America” until their throats are hoarse? This cannot be stood for, and this father isn’t standing for it:

100 Percent Fed Up reports:

The San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) history of accommodation to the demands of Muslim students began in 2007. That year, Carver Elementary School in East San Diego ignited controversy when 100 Somali Muslim students transferred from a closed charter school. To accommodate these new students, the school rescheduled its recess periods to allow a 15-minute break each afternoon for Muslim prayer. The school also added Arabic to its curriculum and removed pork and other non-halal food from the cafeteria. The outcry forced the school to rescind the break, but it simply shifted the lunch hour to accommodate Muslim prayer. SDUSD wasn’t as accommodating to a Christian student in 1993 and was successfully sued when it denied a high school student’s request for a lunchtime Bible study group.

This past week, SDUSD, in collaboration with the Council on American Islam Relations (CAIR), instituted an anti-bullying campaign aimed specifically at protecting Muslims students. In launching the initiative, SDUSD cited an unsubstantiated study by CAIR claiming that 55% of American Muslim students surveyed in California said they were bullied because of their religion. The new program will include adding lessons on Islam to the social studies curriculum that emphasize prominent Muslims in history, creating Muslim-only “safe spaces,” adding Muslim holidays to the school calendar, and providing support and resources for Muslim students during Ramadan.

According to Stan Anjan, SDUSD’s executive director of family and community engagement, the new program will focus on promoting a positive image of Islam. Special disciplinary measures will also be created for the so-called bullying of Muslims cited by CAIR. Instead of detention, the school plans a “restorative justice” program in which students dialogue with each other about perceived bullying words or actions. Educational materials on Islam and resource listings will be provided to parents and school personnel as well.

What would you have done if you found this out? Would you care? Would you have done the same?

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