12-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Assaults Police and Says These Chilling Words

Keely Sharp
Written by Keely Sharp

A twelve year old girl now has a police record after assaulting an officer, threatening to kill other officers, and then stating that she was going to join ISIS.

The young Syrian refugee called the 911 hotline 60 times between July and August of 2016, and her sister is allegedly involved. She also assault a Winnipeg police officer. Sow what was her motive here?

The Winnipeg Free Press reports that in court, it was heard that the the court heard that the girls “used different cell phones they found, making false reports that were designated as high-priority and wasted police’s time.”

One time the girls made a call, on August 24, the police responded and came to the home, instead of attending to a bomb threat downtown. According to police, she yelled, “I am going to work for ISIS. I hate you guys.”

The Rebel reports:

When officers arrived, the girl punched one and tried to hit him a second time. She also threatened to kill the officers and make false allegations that the police had “touched her”.

In her statement to police she said she thought the 911 calls were “funny” and she’d do them again. She ended up spending 21 days in jail at the Manitoba Youth Centre following the charges.

The girl was sentenced to one year probation, 75 hours of community service and told to write apology letters to the officers.

Her defense lawyer says the girl and her sister are now receiving counselling with help from an Arabic translator.

“(She) has learned more and more that what she did was wrong and also that saying she wanted to work with ISIS was wrong because they were the very people that were trying to hurt her and her family,” her lawyer said.

It sounds to me like she should be profiled by the FBI. I realize that as a child, you cannot be diagnosed as a killer or as a psycho, but they should closely follow her because there’s no telling what she will do once she is an adult.


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