Guilty Conscience? Planned Parenthood Accidentally Tweets Pro-Life Message

Planned Parenthood may hold up a front that they are simply here to “help” women and assist with their reproductive heath. However, there is absolutely not secret to what evil goes on behind their closed doors. They doctor up the word “murder” by labeling it as an “abortion” and slap a while new definition to it, by saying that women deserve the right to control their own body.

Funny though, because if that was the case, then it would be the mother to die, instead of the unborn baby, right? Hmmmm..

Anyway, Planned Parenthood’s Twitter, Planned Parenthood Action Fund (@PPact), sent out a tweet that was either a leaking of their guilty conscience, or just a really dumb tweet on their behalf of their “cause”….either way, it made an argument for the pro-life movement and we will take it!

Just for proposes of the tweet being deleted, it read, “No one should fear that those entrusted to protect them will harm them without accountability. Freedom from violence is reproductive justice.”

Um, YEAH! That’s exactly right! Freedom from violence of three million murdered babies a year sounds like reproductive justice to me! Although, it does not make up for all the little lives lost already, it would certainly help save the future lives!

Daily Wire wrote:

No unborn child should fear harm without accountability. A mother should protect her baby, not “choose” to kill that child for reasons of convenience and then brag about it with an “empowering” #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag.

Additionally, the scared women trusting Planned Parenthood for help should not die along with their unborn baby from a botched abortion without so much as an acknowledgement from Planned Parenthood of their failings. Right?

That is exactly what happened to 24-year-old Cree Williams, who went in for an abortion and died four days later with a perforated uterus and baby parts still inside of her. And there are countless other women who did not die from their abortion speaking out about the treatment they received or the full neglect from Planned Parenthood.

How’s that for “without accountability”?

Many Twitter users also spoke out about PP’s tweet, calling it their best argument yet….against abortion!


The list goes on. For the first time ever, I agree with Planned Parenthood. The injustice MUST stop!!!!

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