Popular Youtubers Lose Custody of Children After Investigation of Prank Videos

Keely Sharp
Written by Keely Sharp

As a child, my parents would prank me and my siblings. As we got older, the pranks were sibling on sibling, and sometimes we would even get our parents. Hopefully they were in a good mood at the time and wouldn’t end in a grounding.

If we had the ability to film our pranks, you can bet we would have done it. However, I do get a kick out of watching others who do film their shenanigans. Which brings me to Mike and Heather Martin, otherwise known as DaddyOFive and MommyOFive, respectively, on their youtube channels.

The father and stepmother are facing much backlash due to videos they have posted, where they play pranks on the children, and occasionally each other. It is not necessarily the fact that they are pranking that people are upset with, but more so the fact that the pranks are quite harsh. Although at the end of the video, they all seem to be laughing, many people felt as though the jokes went too far, like ones named  “PSYCHO CLOWN ATTACKS FAMILY” and “DAD PUNCHES KID IN THE FACE.”

Fox News reports:

Last month, many members of the online community who viewed the videos claimed the children featured were being abused and that child protective services should step in.

An online petition was also created in an attempt to get Child Protective Services to step in.

In a video posted online Monday, Rose Hall, the biological mother of two of the children, said that she had emergency custody of 9-year-old Cody and 12-year-old Emma. “They’re doing good,” Hall said in the video first reported on by The DailyMail. “They’re getting back to their playful selves.”

Cody and Emma were often the focus of the pranks posted online.

In one video, titled “INVISIBLE INK PRANK,” the Martins pranked Cody in a profanity-filled tirade that left him hysterically in tears.

This video is a re-upload by a fan, due to the video being removed from DaddyOFive’s profile, and it is NSFW due to the harsh language.


Although the language was harsh, and the yelling was a little overboard, I thought the prank was pretty funny. I guess I have tough skin from the pranks we played growing up. While I do think the parents should have dialed it down several notches and not screamed curse words at their children, I do not think they should have lost their children over this. Maybe I am missing something though? This is the only video of theirs that I have seen, as the others have been removed from Youtube.

The Martins have posted an apology video, in which they state their regrets and remorse for acting the way they did. See it below:


“I am working with Michael and Heather Martin. It would be highly inappropriate for me to discuss the details of this very sensitive matter, or any associated proceedings, publicly. All information will be presented to the Court at the appropriate time,” stated the Martin’s lawyer, Laurie Wasserman.

What do you think? Did they take things too far, and deserve to have the children taken away?

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