Sorry ‘Scary Mommy’, but I will Continue to Call My Dogs “Babies”

Keely Sharp
Written by Keely Sharp

Sorry, not sorry.

Today, I came across an article titled, “Saying Your Dog Is Your “Baby” Is an Insult to Moms Everywhere”, written by Elizabeth Broadbent. She posted the piece on a site called Your Tango, but many people still know her as a regular contributor to “Scary Mommy.”

Broadbent rants and whines that it is unfair for people with dogs to refer to their pets as “fur babies” because it is an “insult” to real moms. Her article states:

Your puppy is not your child, so stop saying that he is. I have three children now, and I know this for certain — kids and dogs are not same.

Think about when you got your puppy. You probably picked him out at the local ASPCA, or selected him from the local breeder. Basically, you pointed to a dog and said, “That one.”

On the other hand, most mothers went through nine months of body invasion, followed by one of the most intense physical experiences of her life. Then they dropped a baby on her chest. It was all agony and joy and angels singing.

And even if you adopt, you go through paperwork and waiting hell before you find yourself weak in the knees, hands a-tremble, as you weep with joy when someone hands you your child for the first time.

Just the fact that she called pregnancy a “body invasion” should throw up some red flags. I can’t wait to have kids one day. Trust me! However, just because I call my dogs “furbabies” does not make me some terrible human being. Maybe those who claim to be offended by such nonsense need to grow a pair and toughen up. I realize it may be hard since the president for the last 8 years lacked a backbone, and led the country into believe that being a wuss is okay…..but it’s not.

She continued on to say:

I know you’ll say I sound like a self-righteous parent here.

Maybe you don’t ever want kids, which you’ll somehow make germane to the discussion, but which is neither here nor there.

Say you love your dogs. Say they make your life worth living. Say they’re your one-and-only. Call yourself a dog person.

But don’t call your dog a baby. Don’t call him your “furkid” or “furbaby.”

Because baby, it’s not even close.

I am so tired of the political correctness of: “these are the words you can say, and these are the words you cannot say.” It’s just not working for me .

Sorry to break it to the liberal princess, but we will continue to call our dogs “babies.” Here’s why:

  1. I am 23, and not yet married. I got my BABIES when they were just tiny puppies. They are essentially my children.
  2. I do not care if liberal snowflakes get butthurt that I refer to my dogs as furbabiess

I get it. Being a parent to human babies is different than being a parent to a pet. However, that does not make it wrong for people to refer to themselves as parents to their dog. That type of thinking is just absurd.

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