The Evil Pride of Islamic Terrorism

Why do terrorists take credit for bombings?  Is it like a loan from the bank for evil deeds?  “I take credit.  I blew the kids heads off.”

Terrorists are proud.  Jihadists are proud. Everybody is proud.  Is pride a word for favoring something that is shameful?  Should pride become a negative, a reflection on bad qualities?  It is bad enough to admit to a despicable act; it is disgusting to be proud of it.

Why do terrorists praise God when they kill people—Allahu Akbar, God is Great?  Is God their loan officer at the bank of murder? Is God the senior vice president of killing?  God invented death.  But I don’t think he supports terrorism.

No country or people should allow or applaud terrorism.  The Taliban supported 9/11.  For that alone they should have been annihilated.  They do not deserve redemption.  Redemption is for the understanding not the recalcitrant.

Terrorists have to know that if they blow people up they will gallop into hell on the humps of their camels. They will be part of a caravan of corpses.

Islamic-Terrorists1All responses to terror should be disproportionate.  Liberals want proportional killings by Israelis in revenge for Palestinian bombings.  Do they think that they are playing some sort of tit for tat game?  If someone came into your house and killed your family, would you weigh whether you would give him a just trial or cut him into pieces?  If we want the terrorists to stop we must let them know that they will be annihilated.  We must overkill if we want to discourage further atrocities. It’s sad but it’s also sad to turn your back on the murder of those close to you.  Civilization does not depend on forgiveness but on standing up for forceful values.

When a kid punched me in the face as a teenager I beat him until he was unconscious and then some.  He never hit me again.

We must threaten to kill a thousand terrorists for every innocent person they kill.  We must make them so fearful that they will police themselves and keep the terrorists in their community under check. Only by force can we enlist their cooperation. Only then will the general population who is being hurt turn against the perpetrators of violence within their community.

Arabs must snitch on each other out of fear.  If we want to be free of terror we must kill the terrorists.  If we kill an innocent one, big deal.  They kill our innocent people like it was nothing.  Why should we feel guilty about killing theirs?

We worry about contingent deaths when we bomb anyone in any war. But we don’t stop the mission.

muslims against terrorIf we can turn the terrorists against each other, we can get neighbors to squeal on each other. Let them know that their homicides will result in retaliatory attacks and disdain globally.  Let them know that they are not heroes but disgusting murderers.

Nick Lowe sang a song “Cruel to be Kind” where he said, “Baby, you gotta be cruel to be kind.”  Tough love has its justifications.

We should shut down the movies that glamourize murderers.  We should tell Harvey Weinstein that his publicizing the ethos of murder is ten times worse than selling a thousand guns.

Guns don’t kill.  Impressionable people kill. Movies arouse them.  So much for Django Unchained and the Trench coat mafia.  So much for Pulp Fiction. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris dressed like movie characters in their black raincoats at Columbine.  Too much of porky, Harvey Weinstein, the hypocrite. After using weapons to arouse would-be killers, he now wants to make a movie against guns.  He is talking out of both barrels.

If I were a Moslem I would convert to another religion rather than be associated with honor killings, Sharia, misogyny, wife beatings, clitoral circumcisions and violent religious fanaticism.

I attended Moslem classes when I was in jail.  I was curious.  That was before 9-11.  It was before I learned the horror of Moslem pride in violence.  It’s before I knew about their love of jihad. It’s before I watched hundreds of reruns of the World Trade Towers falling down, falling down, my fair lady.

A small percentage of Moslems are killers.  But when there are over a billion Moslems the numbers are frightening. The acceptance of violence within that community has to be stopped.  It’s time innocent people took responsibility for their killer neighbors.  It’s time we saw that a profile is not an accusation but an outline of something worse.  It’s time we stopped terrorism and called it what it is—disgusting.


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David Lawrence

David Lawrence

David Lawrence has a Ph.D. in literature. He has published over 200 blogs, 600 poems, a memoir “The King of White-Collar Boxing,” several books of poems, including “Lane Changes.” Both can be purchased on He was a professional boxer and a CEO. Last year he was listed in New York Magazine as the 41st reason to love New York.

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