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As of Midnight this Friday the Government will SHUT DOWN and America Will Cease to Exist

Written by iPatriot

Once again America faces disaster. Yes – as of midnight this Friday the government will SHUT DOWN and America will cease to exist. At least that’s the way it is always portrayed.

Senate Minority Leader Charles “Chucky” Schumer seem cautiously optimistic as he stated  that, “We’re making great progress on funding the government, avoiding a shutdown.” He did add that, “Our worry is that the president will come in and insist on certain things that couldn’t get the support of everybody.” He doesn’t need the support of everybody Chucky – least of all, you.

One of those “certain things” is of course the down payment to begin construction of on the Southern Border Wall. Trump is asking for $1.4 billion. Wow – that’s a lot of money – isn’t it. Why no – no it’s not. It’s chicken feed – not even a rounding error for the federal government.

The current annual budget to “run” the federal government is $3.8 trillion, or $3,800 billion. $1.4 billion is about 4/10000th of the budget. It would be easy to find that paltry sum. Put another way: Say you make $50,000 a year. That $1.4 billion is equivalent to $20. Can you spot me a 20?

But that isn’t the point about a shutdown – any shutdown.

The Democrats know, at least historically, that they can use a looming shutdown as a billy club to beat on spineless Republicans to get them to fund virtually anything. They know this because almost without exception, Republicans have caved when faced with the dreaded ‘S’ word (shutdown). The proof is the statement from scared little girly man Mitch McConnell after the 2013 shutdown showdown, when he emphatically stated, “There will not be another government shutdown.”

Unfortunately only a few have ever effectively advanced the notion that a government shutdown is in fact, not a shutdown at all. It’s barely a sl…

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