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Look Whom Media is Crediting for Trump’s Successes

Written by iPatriot

If you listen to Rush Limbaugh you will hear what both the Right and the Left say about events.  Then you will have his moral analysis which is virtually indisputable as righteous thought.  This is why the Left tells their ignorant followers never to listen to him because they cannot defeat the truth, only smear the truthsayer.

North Korea’s Clown Prince (no make-up needed) was humiliated last week when his next missile threat fizzled on the pad.  The media rushed to give Obama credit for cyber-hacking.  It’s funny that when bin Laden was killed they denied all credit to President Bush for the intelligence that led to discovering his hideout.  Also funny is Obama, who denies that terrorism is Islamic, gave bin Laden full Muslim burial rites and honors.

Drive-Bys Credit Obama for Failed Nork Missile

As they do in all things the Left takes credit for the achievements of others while blaming others for their own failures.  Just like Reagan’s economic recovery, the Left tried to give credit to Carter who caused the same kind of economic malaise Obama has will now be trying to credit Obama with Trump’s economic recovery.  No matter that President Trump is taking the choke collar off that Obama installed to keep America down and unleashing America energy and industry once again just as Reagan did in relieving them of the Democrat tax burden.  All the Left does is say that everything Trump is doing is going to destroy the planet – as if it were possible.  China, which for the first time in history tried to rein in their North Korea rabid dog after meeting with President Trump, proves that The Donald has what it takes to not only empower America’s economy, but work with the world leaders of America’s greatest competition.

This enrages the Left who are out making fascist protests against America, especially hating on white men.  Following in the footsteps of black football players that began taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem, black sportscasters are now calling for banning the American fl…

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