What about polygamy?

Now that the Supreme Court has struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and punted on the Proposition 8 debate, I’d like to ask a simple question. What about polygamy?

I noticed that Glenn Beck had a similar question – though his seemed more connected with an overwhelming fear of Islamic takeover of American culture.

I know that for many folks Beck’s style is too bombastic and maybe a little over the top, but it doesn’t make the underlying question any less appropriate.

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On the issue of gay marriage, we conservatives have created our own “monster”. With a desire to protect and defend a Biblical definition of what marriage is supposed to be we sought out legal remedies that would build in safeguards so that we would not need to be so vigilant. As we are now learning, we did not fully grasp the reality of our situation; the legal parameters that we built made us complacent in our own morality.

We allowed our marriages to begin failing at similar rates to the rest of society, and we forgot to teach our children about other dangers: addiction, pornography, sex outside of marriage, not keeping our word, lying, being selfish, and other dangerous behaviors that make life in any community more difficult. I think we lost sight of the most important issues for worry that this one would irreversibly change our culture.

When we decided to resort to the law. We thought we were playing it safe, when in reality we were backing ourselves in to a corner. What the Court’s decisions mean for gay marriage is important, as it will likely clear the path for the government to “officially” recognize gay marriage. However, it has broader implications as well. If there is no reason why two men or two women cannot marry – then there is no reason why multiple people of either sex cannot also marry. None. Zip. Zilch.

This is the drawback to having sought legal remedy to the gay marriage question — there was always the chance that their side would win the debate. Which is exactly what happened. They won the “legal” debate.

We need to act before polygamy supporters consolidate their forces and begin their offensive on our civil government. You can be sure that legal briefs are already being prepared and money is being raised to fund their legal efforts.

So what now?

Now it’s time to fix the mess that we made. We must identify the problems created by the government’s intrusion on the definition of marriage.

One: who decides what marriage is? Seeking the government’s approval of our definition of marriage meant that we tacitly gave them the go ahead to approve or disapprove of our definition. It was a trap from the start and we stepped in it.

Two: by arguing against gay marriage from a legal position, we allowed the government to describe marriage as a contractual obligation. It is not. Marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman, a covenant defined by God and the church.

Three: by pushing for legal remedies to the gay marriage issue, we allowed the government a foot into our church doors. By allowing the government to be the arbiter of this issue, we have given them a green light to push the boundaries of our religious freedoms. (See here, here and here) It’s a lot like a saying my dad used when he’d lose his patience with me – “Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile”. We gave the government an inch and over the years they’ve been pushing for the mile.polygamy

The quickest way to make sure that we can turn back all three of these problems while also ensuring that the government cannot “legalize” polygamy, is to get our legislature to end government licensing of marriages.

For the Democrats, it means closing the tax loopholes married couples have enjoyed for years. For Republicans, it means ending government licensing of marriages and pushing the government a little further out of our homes.

Once the government is out of the way, we’ll take the next step – finding a new way to fight this “culture war”.


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