Theft of Georgia Voting Logs Raise Questions of Vote Tampering

Written by iPatriot

Critical electronic voter logs used in the special election taking place in Georgia to fill the vacant Congressional seat left by HHS Sec. Tom Price were stolen from the pickup truck of a poll worker during a “grocery run.” The theft of early voting check-in books raises the question of fraud in the hotly contested race. Tuesday is election day, but thousands of voters took part in early voting.

Cobb County Georgia poll manager, Craig Joe Rogers, said he parked his truck near the front of a supermarket in Marietta, Georgia, to buy some groceries. When he returned he found thousands of dollars’ worth of elections equipment missing. There were no signs of forced entry. Rogers admitted he “may” have left the doors unlocked.

The idea that a poll worker – a manager – would be vacant enough to leave such critical logs unattended in an open truck is laughable. The likelihood is that this Cobb County “poll manager” knew damn well what he was doing when he “may have left his doors unlocked.”

Cobb County went to Hillary Clinton by over 2 full percentage points in 2016.

No, it is likely that this was a security blanket measure by corrupt Democrat operatives because of the absolute need for the Democrats to win this special election. They haven’t carried the district since the days of Carter and taking a Republican safe seat in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory would give them a talking point for the next two years.

Larger in all of this is that Republicans shouldn’t be in the position that the Democrat tool of voter fraud would matter. There are a ridiculous 11 Republicans running against 5 Democrats and 2 Independents, with one Democrat leading his contingent in a very strong way. The Republicans have, once again, diluted the field by having too many “cooks in the kit…

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