State Rules that Christian Businesses Must Serve Gay Weddings

A few months ago we brought you the story of a small family owned baker in Oregon, called Sweet Cakes by Melissa.

In Oregon, we find the latest example of the attack on Christians. A small family owned bakery has been forced to shutter its doors because of the financial and emotional damage done to them by gay-marriage activists. Aaron and Melissa Klein were the owners and operators of Sweet Cakes by Melissa. Over the last few months they have faced almost constant harassment because of their decision to not bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple’s wedding ceremony…
The blowback was such that most of their vendors would no longer do business with them, which meant that the Kleins could not successfully operate their bakery. The harassment began after the lesbian couple filed a complaint with the state in which they accused the Klein’s of discrimination.

Well, now the state has finished its investigation and found that the Klein’s violated the civil rights of the gay couple whose wedding cake they would not bake.

State labor investigators have determined a Gresham bakery violated the civil rights of a same-sex couple when it refused to make a cake for the women’s wedding.

The Bureau of Labor and Industries said Friday that it has wrapped up its investigation into Sweet Cakes by Melissa. Spokesman Charlie Burr said investigators found substantial evidence the bakery unlawfully discriminated against the couple based on their sexual orientation.

Oregon law bans discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in jobs and in places that serve the public, such as restaurants and bakeries.

ClosedInterestingly enough, the Klein’s have served this couple many times in the past. Their objection wasn’t to serving a homosexual couple, but to being forced to participate in a gay marriage ceremony. But the state did not appreciate the distinction. Interestingly enough, or “unjustly enough,” the state of Oregon has ruled that the Klein’s must bake cakes for gay weddings when asked – even though the state of Oregon doesn’t even recognize gay marriage. Instead of facing the withering harrasment of the state and the gay lobby, the Klein’s have closed their doors.

In any event, it’s a sad harbinger of things to come for Christians all over the nation.

The Klein’s have never turned down work requested by homosexuals, until they were asked to participate in a gay wedding ceremony. Christianity views marriage (and the ceremony that marks it) as a supernatural event – ordained and blessed by the God of the Universe. Participating in a marriage that flies in the face of God’s law should be a non-starter. Yet, many states and soon perhaps the federal government are moving to force Christian businesses to participate in gay weddings.

Where do we as Christians take our stand? Most of us have no desire to hurt or demean anyone else. We will gladly work, recreate with and spend time with homosexuals. I personally hold no animus toward any of them – but that doesn’t mean I believe homosexuality to be morally proper. I also don’t believe gay marriage to be morally appropriate.

I do not expect homosexuals to accept my personal beliefs as normal. I expect to be belittled for my religious convictions from time to time. I expect to be called anti-science, to be labeled a “flat-earther” and to be mocked on PBS. I’m okay with that… so why can’t they be okay with me believing that homosexuality (or any sexual behavior outside of heterosexual marriage) is morally wrong? Why do they care what I believe?

I hope things change, but I don’t expect them to. We need to be prepared, because our government and the culture around us are going to continue to demand that we make concessions. It didn’t start with gay marriage and it certainly won’t end there…

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