Florida Republican Calls Obama a Traitor – Liberals Whine and Moan

One Florida Republican candidate for the State House is learning a hard lesson – people don’t like to hear honesty.

Joshua Black, a GOP State House candidate and an African-American, has caused much weeping and gnashing of teeth with a recent tweet.

@civilwarcometh: @BrandonMArms @RedNationRising I’m past impeachment. It’s time to arrest and hang him high. http://t.co/Li1e0fzCLi” Agreed

— Joshua Black 2014 (@JoshuaBlack2014) January 20, 2014


Needless to say, his agreement with a tweet suggesting President Obama be arrested and hanged, caused an uproar. At this point many politicians would pull the plug, call their PR consultant and begin issuing many apologies. However, I think we may be learning that Joshua Black doesn’t care so much about politics as he does about our country. Instead of backtracking and apologizing, Mr. Black doubled down.

@ChrisLatvala Execution is the appropriate punishment for traitors. #BenedictArnold #ReadAmericanHistory #criminalpoliticians

— Joshua Black 2014 (@JoshuaBlack2014) January 20, 2014


And then he tripled down.

@RedNationRising @BrandonMArms @civilwarcometh The execution should come after a lawful conviction, by both the Senate and a jury.

— Joshua Black 2014 (@JoshuaBlack2014) January 20, 2014



Maybe it was impolitic for Mr. Black to go straight to the execution phase of the trial, but it is the logical outcome of all of those people who believe that President Obama has committed treason. Why? Because death is the punishment for treason.

For those of you wondering if Mr. Black has had to deal with the Secret Service yet – yes, he has. The Secret Service interviewed him and determined that he was no threat to the President. Mr. Black wasn’t calling for assassination, he was calling for a lawful arrest, trial and judgement.

@LardomD Never called for lynching. Obama did that to al-Awaki and his teenage son already. #injustice

— Joshua Black 2014 (@JoshuaBlack2014) January 21, 2014


Later Mr. Black took to Facebook to explain his thinking on the subject and why he wouldn’t be apologizing.



I know this may be dangerous… but I like the intestinal fortitude that Mr. Black has shown. If you read through his Facebook page or his Twitter feed you will see that the man is an ardent supporter of liberty and conservatism. He knows why he believes what he believes, and he is very willing (and able) to defend those beliefs. We need more men like Joshua Black, and it’s my opinion that we should be defending and supporting him now. We can’t let good men like him be chased out of the public arena simply because he was honest and chose not to use the weasel words that other politicians would have chosen.

Stand strong, Mr. Black, there are many others standing with you.

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Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their five wonderful children.

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