Distaste of Homosexuality is Not Homophobia

I am not homophobic. I am not afraid of gays or the truth.  I like gays.  The fact that I am allergic to their sexual practices is natural, obvious and similar to most heterosexuals despite that politically correct speech insists that they lie.

This afternoon I asked a liberal friend what he thought of gays.  He said they deserve equal rights.  I asked him what he thought of seeing them kiss on the street corner.  He said, “I’d like to say it didn’t bother me but it does.”

It should.  It’s natural.  That’s the way we are constructed.  It even bothers me if heterosexuals make out on the corner.  But gays, that’s just going too far.  I wish for fairness’s sake that it weren’t so.  But it is.

I like them but I don’t like what they do.  My distaste for gay sex is natural.  It is what promotes heterosexuality and reproduction.  Anyone who says that displays of gay sexuality don’t disturb him is disconnected from his body and living in some cerebral cortex of his fake ideology.

Truth is truth and often not nice.  Discomfort at gay sexual proclivities is the first step towards accepting them as people. Do you really think gays like witnessing heterosexual cuddling?  If they did, they would follow suit.   The mistaken notion of accepting them as the same as us is a lie and will lead to ultimately hurting the gay crowd in the end.

Push comes to shove, the pro liberal, heterosexual gay advocates will turn their backs on practices that are not natural to them and react against their purported friends.

gayparadeWhy should I celebrate the gay insertion into nothing; their love of sterility rather than a pursuit of fertility?  Their failure to recognize the mysterious ambiance of the opposite sex?

Isn’t it enough to celebrate heterosexual life?  Shouldn’t heterosexual men adore women and women cling to men? The magnetism between men and women has been the motivating force in society forever.  Without it we are zombies looking on at a dry dance of homosexuals.

When gays first came out of the closet they were hit by the closet door.  They feigned pride in what men have always been ashamed of—being queer.  And then they stuffed their pride in our faces so that our smiles of support turned into frowns of discomfort.

Perversion is veering from normality.  Be perverted if you like but don’t be proud of it and expect us to celebrate it along with you.

To try to make a wrong a right blinds us to the truth and schizophrenically distorts our sanity.

Back in the sixties gay first emerged as being cool. My generation rejected anything traditional or institutional.  I began to feel that I was a nerd for not having had a gay experience.  I was considering a gay experience to broaden my horizons but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  It wasn’t natural to me.

Then again I considered suicide and living on a commune.  Those were troubled times and I had a character disorder that allowed me to identify with all sorts of ideas different from my own.  Progressivism and anti-militarism had made my personality amorphous.

It was only the pressure of a liberal, adolescent, narcissistic society that made me even entertain the possibility of gayness, a life style abhorrent to me.  And today, the pressure to be gay has even become greater.  It is unfortunate salesmanship by the gay, advertising contingent.

The gay self-affirming public relations deluge has caused many good minded people to turn against their previously sympathetic heterosexual crowd.  Some of us are experiencing a negative reaction to gays boasting. I always liked gays until liberals started pointing their fingers in my face, telling me that I should be a proponent of gay rights and same sex marriage.

These same liberals don’t want to have sex with their own sex.  They just want to feel good about themselves in not denigrating other people.  It is self-promotion more than other acceptance.

I have spent my life pursuing and loving women.  So have most men I know.  Do not wave a flag of lies in front of our faces and pretend that gay is the way when it is a twisted road that leads to sterility and disapproval.

notequalI don’t mind if you’re gay but be discreet enough to kiss in private so that I am not repelled by something that is viscerally noxious to me. If I am not repelled by same sex magnetism then I am twisted; I am separated from my anatomy and my tendencies.

It’s not my choice.  I do not choose to be repelled.  I just don’t like watching two men or women cuddling.  If the liberals want to brainwash themselves into applauding homosexuality, then let them enjoy their lack of vision. It is not necessary to impair oneself in order to force oneself to be putatively fair to the gay contingent.

One of my boxing students is always speaking up for the gays.  One day he went to see his uncle being married to a younger man.  Even he admitted that he was disgusted.

When I saw “Dallas Buyers Club” what I liked is Mathew McConaughey’s honest dislike of fags and his politically incorrect language.  He celebrated his hatred of gays like most blue collar guys do.  He didn’t espouse some liberal wet-eyed palaver about the beauties of homosexuality.

He was a real homophobe as so many of us are beneath our pretense of humane acceptance.  And yet as a homophobe he did more for the treatment of AIDS than any liberal.

McConaughey is like a conservative who does more for a person by not giving him welfare.  It’s the liberals who bring the poor down through the nanny state.

Even when McConaughey learned to like gays and to intercede to save their lives he knew that it was not manly to like men and what is is and what is not is pretending that something is OK when it isn’t.  He was a womanizer as are most men.

Heterosexuality is special.  That is what should be celebrated.  And the gay party is merely a side show that can be portrayed artistically but should not be proudly displayed as something that is appropriate to the rest of us when it is not.  Gayness should not be a headliner.  It should be a small picture in the advertising section of a biased rag like the New York Times.


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About the author

David Lawrence

David Lawrence

David Lawrence has a Ph.D. in literature. He has published over 200 blogs, 600 poems, a memoir “The King of White-Collar Boxing,” several books of poems, including “Lane Changes.” Both can be purchased on Amazon.com. He was a professional boxer and a CEO. Last year he was listed in New York Magazine as the 41st reason to love New York.

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