There is no Such Thing as a ‘Moderate’ Muslim

Written by iPatriot

Most non-Muslims have little actual knowledge of Islam. They have never read the Koran, hadith reports, or books on sharia, Islamic law. Thus, their knowledge of Islam comes primarily from the half-truths and lies provided by the mainstream media (MSM). One example of the half-truth and lies is the MSM’s portrayal of Muslims as either radical or moderate.

The separation of Muslims into radical or moderate started within hours of 9/11, when the mantra of the MSM became: Islam is a religion of peace. To perpetuate this facade the MSM created the category of Radical Muslims who, it claimed, were responsible for the attacks on 9/11. According to the MSM, it was also Radical Muslims who were responsible for Islam’s bloody and violent 1,400-year history. And, it was Radical Muslims who took a peaceful religion and distorted it into something evil.

However, the MSM never explained how the behavior or ideology of Radical Muslims distorts Islam. This is because it doesn’t! In reality, Islam is an ideology of hatred and intolerance, which is manifested through mandated behaviors such as violence and warfare. In addition, Radical Muslim imitate Muhammad’s behavior, which, they are obligated to do if they want to go to paradise. According to sacred Islamic sources such as the Koran and hadith reports, Muhammad’s behavior included being an: assassin, bandit, murderer, pedophile, rapist, robber, slave owner, thief, thug, and warlord. He was also a mass murderer of those who refused to convert or submit to Islam. And, he was an incestuous wife-beating liar. Thus, Muslims who murder, rape, and steal are not distorting Islam; they are pious Muslims living in accordance with its basic ideology, including imitating Muhammad’s behavior.

After creating Radical Muslims to incorrectly explain the bloody and violent side of Islam, the MSM then created the category of Moderate Muslims to show the “religion of peace” side of Islam. It was also claimed that the hundreds of thousands of Muslims being allowed into the United States were all thoroughly vetted and found to be Moderate Muslims. According to the MSM, non-Muslims have nothing to fear from Moderate Muslims since they do not follow many of the well-known ideological pillars of Islam, nor do they follow Muhammad’s behavior. Thus, they do not engage in jihad, wife beating, female genital mutilation, pedophilia, rape, the murder of gays and lesbians, and the slaughter of non-Muslims. In other words, since Moderate Muslims do not follow the core ideology of Islam or Muhammad’s behavior, they are distorting Islam.

While discussing Moderate Muslims we should ask, “During World War II would”:

– Americans have allowed Moderate Nazis int…

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