Susan Rice, Obama’s Stooge, Exposes More Truth About Democrat Lies

How much more truth can the Left stand to allow to be exposed?  THIS is why Hillary lost!  Even Democrat voter fraud couldn’t overcome the truth.

Barack Hussein Obama, the racist Moslem that Democrats put in power as the leader of the free world, a position from which he acted as a Trojan Horse to bring down the West, is being exposed daily for the fraud and traitor that he is.  The mainstream media, those who cover up his crimes and indoctrinates the ignorant, laments that the 10% of the media that is conservative exposes them because they no longer have a monopoly on reporting the facts.  Only their empty-headed followers believe them when they say they report the facts while the Right just argues ideology.  Only fools believe they are fighting fascism when they are embracing it.

In 2012, Susan Rice went on TV to lay out the lie that America’s embassy in Libya was attacked by a mob of protesters disturbed by a video made about Muhammad.  This lie was exposed, as was Obama’s lie that he called it terrorism the day it happened, but not until after they assisted him in winning re-election.  America was duped for another four years of having a racist Moslem tear down her culture, her economy, and her military.  Now in the space of a week she has been exposed as having lied for and with Obama about disarming Syria’s WMDs and forcing them to give up their poison gas weapons to Russia.  The Russians, who supposedly worked with Obama the liar who promised to be flexible for Putin, but who now claims worked with Trump to corrupt the election of Hillary, are now working against Trump’s bombing of the Syrian airbase from which the attack was launched.

  • Lied about Benghazi
  • Lied about removing Syrian WMDs
  • Lied about Obama surveilling Trump

Susan Rice’s White House Unmasking: A Watergate-style Scandal

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Only the galactically stupid would believe a word coming out of the mouths of leftists at MSNBC and CNN that this could all be a smoke screen worked up by Trump and Putin to cover up stealing the election.  More likely, their reports about the bombing are to cover up the revelation by Susan Rice that she confessed to ordering the unmasking of Americans in the Trump campaign like Gen. Flynn and leaked them to the press.  This confession reveals that the Obama regime now admits th…

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