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Ultra-Leftist ‘The Nation’ Laments: ‘Too Many of Trump’s Liberal Critics are Praising His Strike on Syria’

Written by iPatriot

Some on the left are concerned about the praise being heaped on President Trump over his single bombing campaign in Syria. No, it’s not the praise from the right, but coming from liberals who, like democrat politicians, normally have nothing constructive to say regarding Trump.

Now ultra-leftist sites like The are worried about this new found respect of Trump, even if it is temporary, as demonstrated by an article entitled, “Too Many of Trump’s Liberal Critics Are Praising His Strike on Syria.”

It seems that The Nation feels compelled to remind fellow travelers that Trump is the enemy and you never say anything good about the enemy.

They insist that if one from the left shows favor toward Trump on this single action, they must therefore “account for what comes next.”

Just how stupid is that. It would be like saying that if I praise the President for a single initiative, I must then account for every other policy. It shows just how warped the left really is – or politically disconsolate they are – that due to their radical ideology, they are either incapable of or simply refuse to separate a single event from the whole.

The Nation writes that, “On CNN’s New Day Thursday, global analyst Fareed Zakaria declared, ‘I think Donald Trump became president of the United States’ last night,’” and that, “Zakaria apparently thinks firing missiles makes one presidential.”

However, The Nation did spare Fareed their full leftist wrath, by saying in the very next sentence that he previously called Trump a “bulls**t artist,” and that he became president “by bullsh**ting.” They evidently like Zakaria and don’t wish to throw him under the bus for a single lapse in judgment.

The Nation also called out MSNBC commentator and leftist hack Nicholas Kristof when he said that Trump “did the r…

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