Kansas Talks Guns: Hospitals and Campuses

Keely Sharp
Written by Keely Sharp

On April 4, people opposed to concealed carry at hospitals and on campuses in Kansas pushed a debate on the issue and failed miserably.

The Kansas House voted 44 to 81 AGAINST the debate, resulting in a complete shut out of those opposed. HA!

Back in 2013, Kansas passed a law that required public places to allowed concealed carries into the building. There is a grace period, which allows for adjustment time to the law, however that was four years ago, and the grace period runs out on July 1st.

Concealed Nation:



Unless something changes between now and then, universities and hospitals in Kansaswill be compelled to permit concealed carriers on premises.

According to KSN, “Minority Leader Democrat Rep. Jim Ward favored the debate on Tuesday, but Republican Majority Leader Rep. Don Hineman says he wants to wait to debate until hospital and gun rights groups can come to a compromise,” assumedly trying to reach a compromise outside of formal legislation.

It is unsure what kind of compromise this would mean — this seems like a slam-dunk for concealed carriers. It is likely that the general public will have to wait and see.

So, when exactly will Georgia, and the rest of the states, become like Kansas? Because that is some serious freedom right there!


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