Arrests Made at Rowdy NYC Protests Against Syrian Airstrike (Video)

Keely Sharp
Written by Keely Sharp

Of course, the bleeding hearts of America are out in the streets, protesting something that not only Republicans agreed with, but also MANY of the Democratic leaders as well.

The Syrian base needed to be bombed, after they were chemically bombing their own people! First the dimwits protested because we weren’t doing enough to help the Syrians….now they protest because we take action? This makes no sense.

ABC reports:

The group’s main message was say no to war, and no to U.S. intervention.

“All of these humanitarian wars that it has waged for hundreds of years have never brought about peace and democracy,” said Nina Macapimlac, a protester. “So bombing other countries to bring peace is a contradiction.”

“While Assad is a murderer and doesn’t represent the will of the Syrian people, the United States definitely does not represent the will of the Syrian people,” said Dan, a protester. “And Syria is a question to be answered by the Syrians, not by American imperialists who have devastated the region for decades.”

They are protesting to keep Syrians safe…..but are upset that we bombed a base that was killing Syrian people..SMH

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