Hitlery Still Blaming ‘Misogyny’ for Her Loss…Sorry Dimwits, but You Lost Because You Suck!

Keely Sharp
Written by Keely Sharp

Hiltery, er, Hillary Clinton is STILL crying wolf! Maybe if she wasn’t such a whiny crybaby, then she would have actually had what it took to win the election…..Ha, Ha. Who am I kidding? Hell will freeze over before we ever let that lying halfwit become our president. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with her being a woman. There is a long list of women I would vote for as commander in chief. Do you know what they have that Hillary doesn’t?

  1. Brain
  2. Morals
  3. Compassion

I could go on, but that’s beside the point. Right now, I can’t believe Hillary is honestly still trying to blame her massive L on misogyny. Really?

“Certainly misogyny played a role,” Clinton said of the election while speaking at the Women in the World Summit on Thursday. “I mean, that has to be admitted.”

Clinton claimed that there’s an “inverse relationship” with success and likability — but only for women. The more successful men are, Clinton claimed, the more well-liked they are, while women are disliked for their success.


 The former secretary of state has consistently blamed “sexism” for her struggles to appear genuine and likable.

Hillary’s former campaign aides, meanwhile, blamed “white supremacy” for Clinton’s loss. Noticeably absent among the Clinton camp’s litany of excuses for her loss, however, is any real blame for the unpopular candidate.

She must have forgotten just how favorable her husband was to women when he was in office. HA. I wonder if she actually believes what is coming out of her mouth or….

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Keely Sharp

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