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Gorsuch filibuster: More Democrat Hypocrisy and Ill Will

Written by Tops

Unfortunately, this is the nature of politics. It’s a constant game of power plays, manipulations, and revenge. Both parties engage in it.

This time, it’s about Neil Gorsuch and all the silly games the Democrats are playing with his confirmation process. They claim it’s about their ideological concerns, but I think everyone knows that’s a laughable claim. This is a part of their well-publicized ‘resistance’ strategy.

The following is from one of our newer contributors who goes by Tops:

Remember when Democrats railed against Republicans for blocking Obama’s anti-Second Amendment Supreme Court Justice nominee, Merrick Garland? They don’t, apparently.

They claimed indignantly that it was unacceptable to deny Obama his executive privilege of nominating a judge to the Supreme Court, willfully overlooking the Senate’s lawful discretion to approve or block that nominee. Now they evoke that right in a clearly political move to block President Trump’s nominee Neil Gorsuch. It boils down to two things:

  1. Politics: Either party would block either party’s nominee.
  2. The 2nd Amendment: This is the primary issue Democrats want to manipulate the Supreme Court to reverse their previous rulings on, which Gorsuch intends to uphold.

In summary, not only is this filibuster a blind political move, the motive is to undermine the Constitution, not to protect it.

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About the author: Born in 1989 and raised in the Midwest with frequent trips to rural Kentucky, my political leanings have tended toward the right for most of my life; and expressing my strong views through writing has always been my greatest skill.

My beliefs in free speech, Lockean principles of private property, nationalism, the United States Constitution, and the free market, have survived a liberal arts education at a private college run mostly by leftists—what an experience that was!

In many ways, that was the crucible for my conservatism, rendering it even more solid. Moving out to the Left Coast at the beginning of our last election finished the job. While I have much to say about these experiences, my articles will focus mainly on the current news as it happens.

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