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Tucker Carlson Goes Head-to-Head with Former State Department Official Over Russia Narrative: ‘What is the Actual Evidence that Russia Hacked the Election?!’ [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

The underlying premise on which the previous administration ordered surveillance on Trump and his associates is ironically the one piece of the story with no evidence. Without that one integral part of the narrative, the rest of what the Obama administration did would be completely illegal, even by D.C.’s standards.

The government can surveil conversations between two foreign entities with no hurdles. They can also listen in to an American’s conversation, as long as that conversation is with a foreign entity. But when that data is collected, the identity of the American in the conversation is hidden.

That means that sometimes, Americans get caught up in the surveillance, even though the American is not the target. That’s what they call ‘incidental’ surveillance. That’s what they said was the case with Trump and his associates. He and his team simply got caught up in a surveillance net that was intended for foreign entities, such as Russians.

By this point, all the intelligence operatives have is conversation transcripts between foreign [Russian] people and unnamed Americans.

As the media narrative goes, some of these transcripts were concerning enough that it required the unmasking of these American individuals. And lo and behold, those individuals turned out to be Trump and his associates, who just happened to be working on his campaign for president. And coincidentally, this ‘incidental’ collection of data started in July, before the nomination, and the surveillance picked up between then and the election, and continued.

Details of this surveillance were spread throughout the intelligence community, and leaked to the press, and as a result, General Flynn got canned, even though he did nothing wrong.

All this, because Russia allegedly hacked our election and colluded with the Trump campaign for the express purpose of giving him the electoral victory. Yet, that’s the one thing we don’t have evidence for, and no one in any official capacity is willing to offer any evidence. The only thing they can do is say that the intelligence community said there was collusion. And when pressed further, they say it’s ‘classified.’ Apparently, nothing else they’ve revealed is sensitive enough to be ‘classified.’ Just the one part that justifies everything they’ve done.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson pressed one former State Department official and advisor to Obama David Tafuri about this very thing. Things got quite heated. Check it out:

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