Why do Good People Fight Over the Right Way to Stop Bad People?

Why do good people fight over the right way to stop bad people?

Leftist Democrats want to establish government tyranny over the people through socialist subjugation and indoctrination.  They propagandize to blame Republicans of the Right as the tyrants as they make efforts to stop them.  They infiltrate the Right to confuse their ranks with leftist ideology striving to corrupt them.  In spite of their unity to stop the Left the Right still fights among themselves about how to go about it.  Why do good people sabotage themselves rather than work together to defeat the Left as the Left does to defeat the Right?  Everyone notices this, how various groups on the Right declared themselves to be the most conservative, yet some of the “most conservative” had rather voted for a Democrat tyranny led by Hillary than give Trump a chance!  Why would they not put any faith at all that Donald Trump could renew Reaganism just because he is more willing to stretch the truth and fight fire with fire than submit to the Left’s guidelines as to how Republicans should act?  Allowing the Left to tell the Right how they should behave is how the Right has been subsumed and defeated over the years.

In the TV series “Arrow” about the adventures of the Green Arrow and his team fighting for justice, internal conflict is always in play.  The same is true of the Avengers.  Everyone believes they have the right idea of how to the team should accomplish their goal to stop the day’s bad guy.  Some contribute to the team’s effort and some work toward a different method that sometimes works against the team.  As in all things, every team needs a leader whose decisions must guide the others, but too often someone believes the leader’s decisions to be wrong.  Sometimes the rebels are right and they save the day, but most of the time their efforts result in the team sundering for a time until they can work out their differences and reunite stronger than bef…

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