Ted Koppel Slams Sean Hannity, Says he’s ‘Bad for America’

“If you are over thirty and a liberal you have no brain.” – Winston Churchill
In his interview of Sean Hannity of which Ted Koppel only released a few seconds from an hour long examination of Hannity and conservatism.  Koppel’s only segment was not one of Hannity, but of himself expressing his utter contempt for conservatives whom he apparently sees only as brainless fools who don’t believe in truth or reality.

Koppel: “[People like Sean Hannity] have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts.”

This statement is actually the perfect definition of liberalism and their pundits.  But in Koppel’s mind liberalism, leftist ideology is not an ideology, it is righteous thinking and any thought outside of what leftists profess is warped, twisted, and corrupt.  So if you believe in God, in Christ, in truth, in examining both sides of the argument presented by liberals and conservatives so you can exercise critical thought, then you are living in an unreal world devoid of facts.  He thinks anyone who is not a liberal does not believe in science that he believes has proven God and Christ do not exist, that evolution is fact, that their political lies are gospel truth, and their dysfunctional application of the facts is proper thinking.

Hannity responds to Ted Koppel public hypocrisy

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As the great Ronaldus Magnus said –

“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they believe so much that isn’t so.”

Koppel is a prime example of dysfunctional leftist thinking that presents their distorted world view as the only righteous opinion people are allowed to have.  Liberals and conservatives both have access to the same facts, but come to opposite conclusions based on those facts.  Much of that has to do with ideology of both the Left and the Right.  People of both the Left and Right believe the other side to be dysfunctional thinkers, unrighteous, and insane.  But how do you know which is right and which is wrong?

The righteous analysis is found by investigating what rightwingers call liberal hypocrisy and what leftwingers call conservative hypocrisy.  For example, when Donald Trump says he was wiretapped by Obama, and Republicans believe him despite those who say there’s no evidence of wiretapping, (which they declare on the basis that no one cuts into the wires of cellphones because they don’t have wires) leftists call them hypocrites.  But Trump supporters understand that he is talking about being under government surveillance, and the proof of this is in the liberal media’s own reports obtained through leaks by Obama operatives in government who admitted as much.  So when liberals call them hypocrites believing in fantasy the truth is already revealed that they are the lying hypocrites.  Likewise, when Obama said, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” and that ObamaCare would be “cost neutral,” reduce costs, and not be offered to illegal immigrants, conservatives said those were all lies and that ObamaCare would implode, leftists smeared them as liars believing in fan…

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