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College Students Sign Petition to Ban Professors Who Voted for Trump…in the Name of ‘Diversity’

Campus Reform
Written by Campus Reform

This is rich. You’ve got students who obsess over inclusion and diversity, but these same students only want to include those agree with them. Everyone else’s opinions constitute ‘hate speech’ by definition. ‘Diversity’ only goes so far.

Campus Reform reporter went undercover and posed as a student with the ironically named fake group ‘Americans Students for Diversity,’ asking if fellow students would be in favor of banning professors who expressed any kind of support for the President. In the name of ‘diversity,’ most of those the reporter interacted with willingly signed the petition.

The following is from Campus Reform. Watch the video at Campus Reform‘s site:

Only one student declined to sign the petition.
At one point, a faculty member stopped to sign the petition offered words of encouragement.

Since the election of Donald Trump in November, liberal students and professors around the country have expressed their distaste for the president in a variety of ways.

As reported on by Campus Reform, these people often resort to extreme measures to keep conservative ideas off their campuses.

While many students and administrators often refer to their love of diversity, how do they feel about a diversity of opinion amongst their professors?

To find out, I went undercover at American University, posing as a student with the fictitious group “American Students for Diversity.” Armed with a clipboard, I asked students if they would be willing to sign my petition to urge the school to ban the hiring of any professor who had voted for Donald Trump in November.

Throughout the day it became clear that the overwhelming majority of students on campus had no interest in hearing from any professor holding political beliefs different from their own. Student after student eagerly signed the petition; one said having a professor who voted for Trump would “really inhibit people from going to cla…

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