The Truth About Radical Islam From a Muslim’s Perspective

Written by iPatriot

The American Media and the Left have for months now have been inundating the public with political propaganda designed to bring the Presidency down. One of the things they have sought to convince the American public of is that Trump’s visa bans are anti-Muslim. Today I want to show you something that might help you when you have the brainwashed airheads yelling in your ears.

Below is a one minute 43-second youtube video featuring Muslim Human Rights Activist Raheel Raza from the Clarion Project, in which she says of Donald Trump that though he is politically incorrect, he won the election ‘with a mandate among other things to call radical Islam what it is’ and she invites people to stop being politically correct and begin talking about radical Islam.

This is not the first time I have posted a video of Raheel Raza. In the article Welcoming Jihad or Being Free (VIDEO) Raheel Raza contradicts the American Media attempt to paint President Trump as a racist trying to ban Muslims from entering the USA. She spells out his plan as he intended it. (In that article there is another brief video clip from the Clarion Project’s ‘The Third Jihad.’)

She is also in a 45 second video found in the article Progressive Liberal Democracy Loving Muslims Glad Obama is out! in which she states that Obama era taboo policies are finally now finally open for debate and that she is looking forward to a time when Islamists will not be the ones pr…

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