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Middle School Poster Describes Explicit Sexual Activity

A young girl was surprised by what she saw hanging on the wall in her Kansas Middle School, Hocker Grove Middle School, in the Shawnee Mission School District, so she took a picture of the poster with her cellphone and sent the image to her father. His reaction was not surprise but horror and anger.


“Why would you put it in front of 13 year-old students?” Asked Mark Ellis, the father of the young girl who complained.

Ellis said after being told by the school principal the poster was “teaching material,” he is now concerned about what his daughter is being taught in school.

“It upsets me,” he said. “And again, it goes back to who approved this? You know this had to pass through enough hands that someone should have said, ‘Wait a minute, these are 13-year-old kids, we do not need to be this in-depth with this sexual education type of program.’”

The District spokesperson tried to make excuses for the crass poster being hung on the school walls, by stating that the Middle School curriculum teaches abstinence based sex-ed.

“The poster that you reference is actually part of our middle school health and science materials, and so it is a part of our district approved curriculum,” Neal said. “However the item is meant to be part of a lesson, and so certainly as a standalone poster without the context of a teacher-led discussion, I could see that there might be some cause for concern.”

She said that the approved curriculum is in line with what other schools around the country do as well.

“The curriculum it is a part of, it aligns with national standards around those topics, and it’s part of our curriculum in the school district,” she said.

The greater question is this – is this even something that a public Middle School should be worrying about teaching? Isn’t this kind of moral and intimate material the kind of thing parents should be teaching to their kids? Does middle school seem like the appropriate place for young people to be gathered in groups and told what is and isn’t acceptable by a random adult to whom none of the children are related?

Our schools have enough to do without taking on educating moral (or immoral) sexual practices. That “job” should be left to the parents who have likely birthed, cared for and raised the child into adolescence — not some employee of the state or county.

Just another disgusting case of government overreach.



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