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What are we Supposed to do About Rogue Federal Judges?

Written by iPatriot

On Wednesday, at a rally in Nashville, president Trump proclaimed that, “A judge has just blocked our Executive Order on travel and refugees coming into our country from certain countries… We’re going to fight this terrible ruling. We’re going to take our case as far as it needs to go including all the way up to the supreme Court. The danger is clear – the law is clear – the need for my Executive order is clear…”

Trump has now been blocked multiple times by lower court judges.

So what does he or anyone intend to do about it? It appears he intends to fight this all way to the high court – or should I say, the black-robed legislators. And then what?

This is how far we’ve strayed from the Constitution and the design of the federal judicial branch’s authority. All on the right are wailing about the courts’ clearly overstepping their bounds, but from what I’ve heard and seen thus far, no one has offered a solution.

On his Wednesday evening radio program, Mark Levin weighed in stating that, “we have, ladies and gentlemen, rogue federal district judges now – we have rogue courts. We have judicial anarchy taking place…where judges are seizing plenary authority from the President of the United States…to determine the nature of our immigration in this country.”

This latest judge concluded that despite the changes made in the second Executive order, the new order still failed to pass legal muster. Levin says that in fact “they didn’t fail to pass any legal muster. They didn’t fail to conform with the Constitution of the United States – you have,” referring to the judge. Mark then added that, “this judicial tyranny has gotta end! There is nothing illegal – nothing unconstitutional, about this order.

Mark says that we have to admit, if we’re going to turn this country around – that the progressives have won – they’ve taken over the co…

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