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Obamacare So Bad – Democrats Pretending They Hate It

It’s almost laughable, isn’t it? The Obamacare debacle has spun so far out of control that some Democrats are pretending that they’ve been voices of reason against the horrible legislation. Or at least tried to make it sound that way. A new ad produced by the House Majority PAC is slamming the Obamacare website, while at the same time defending someone who voted for the Obamacare legislation, Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ). The House Majority PAC’s mission is to hold “Republicans accountable and helping Democrats win seats in the House, House Majority PAC combines innovative new approaches with time-tested strategies to do battle with Republican outside groups and make a difference.” Check out their anti-Obamacare propaganda…

The gall it must take to produce a video like this. To try and deceive an entire district by pretending your candidate called out Obamacare. The ad focuses on the website’s problems without telling the viewers that the website isn’t the ROOT problem – President Obama and Obamacare are the REAL problems. What does Ann Kirkpatrick think about those problems? She loves them. Supports them 100%. It’s just this pesky website doohickey that’s the problem…


I hope and pray that her constituents are not foolish enough or gullible enough to fall for Rep. Kirkpatrick’s shell game in this ad.

On another note, what does this ad tell us about how far Obamacare has fallen even among its supporters? They are using the horrendous failure of Obamacare as a campaign tool to earn votes. “You hate Obamacare, me too! Vote for Me!” However, their votes in the legislature are a matter of record, and any Tom, Dick or Harry can go look up who voted for Obamacare and who voted against. Here’s a hint – not a single Republican voted for Obamacare… not a single one.

The Democrats own Obamacare, and in November, they will get their comeuppance.


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