Texas City Claims to go Completely ‘Green’ and Off the Power Grid…How we Know They’re Lying

Cities like Georgetown, Texas claiming to have gone totally renewable are lying, given the inefficiency of wind and solar power sources.

A story out of the Dallas Morning News on 03/14/2017 claiming that the city of Georgetown, with a population of around 60,000, just outside of Austin, Texas has gone totally renewable and no longer relies on grid electricity. The article fails to mention specifics on what companies are involved, the mechanics of how they are doing it, or how many employees the renewable energy suppliers have currently working.

Since it is a known fact that renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power simply do not have the electricity-generating capability to actually do what they are claiming, it is important to examine all the facts involved.

The city of Georgetown’s electricity is supplied by Sun Edison that is a huge renewable energy company with wind and solar as its main sources. The company was involved in one of the biggest bankruptcy cases since Solyndra defaulted after receiving billions from the Obama stimulus package and government subsidies. Sun Edison filed bankruptcy in 2016 with over $16 billion in debt, not to mention the millions in government subsidies it received during this time.

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With essentially every wind farm ever built and the bulk of solar power plants all going bankrupt despite billions in government subsidies, this should show us just how inefficient these so called renewable sources really are. Even the most liberal figure of electricity production from wind issued by the very government who uses the renewable energy sector as a political tool to push its agenda, puts it at a nil figure 4.7%, neglecting to tell us that wind actually only accounts for about 1.9% in overall energy production when examined in overall energy consumption.

Thus, all figures above the 1% area can be considered as false and misleading.

Solar power comes in at even less percentage in overall power production at 0.6%. With this in mind, we realize the impossibilities of wind and solar power sources as being a credible source of energy. When one figures in the fossil fueled grid power needed from factory to farm in the case of wind and solar sources, we find that every piece of equipment from wind turbines to solar panels to be in such an energy deficit that they will never recover in output for the entire lifetime of the product.

In taking into consideration the grid power necessary in manufacturing wind turbines, for example. Along with the grid power needed to transport the equipment from factory to farm, as well as the grid power needed to turn them on, off, and maintain them, the wind equipment will never recover in power production from what it has already used during the lifetime of the product.

If you have ever seen one of the giant wind turbines, some over 400 feet, you know how impossible it would be for the wind to operate them. Such gigantic wind turbines have to have such a jolt of grid power to turn them on as well as to shut down, that any power produced by these monstrosities would be absolutely nil at best.

Solar farms have a reputation of being inefficient compared to individual use of solar panels on the home and business coming in at even less than wind. These are also not economical when it comes to cost. With an average price tag to go solar at home being anywhere from $10,000.00 to around $40,000.00 it would take decades for anyone to recover from the initial cost. This on top of the fact that the equipment will need to be replaced around this time due to wear.

Along with the inefficiency rates, wind and solar power doesn’t fare any better when it comes to employing people after these farms and plants are built. Wind Farms that cost into the millions to build do not employ but a handful of people at best, and even here, we are looking at only part time employment.

The Spur Wind Farms outside of Amarillo, Texas that is part of the Sun Edison power company claiming to supply Georgetown with total renewable energy only actually employs one person per farm at all 3 locations. With the gross inefficiency of solar and wind power sources and them doing absolutely nothing in creating jobs for anyone, we see an entire industry that totally survives on government welfare because it doesn’t have a product to sell.

In the case of Georgetown, Texas claiming to have totally removed itself from the grid source of power turns out to be a physical impossibility given the actual efficiency rates of its claimed sources. Sun Edison, like all other green power companies rely totally on the grid for providing electricity and on government welfare for survival.

No one can accurately measure the output of electricity generated by wind farms, because it is only calculated and is based on assumption, not from being actually measured by a meter as electricity from the grid is.

What we have here, as with all cities who claim to be off the grid for power, is nothing more than a fantastic claim that isn’t possible.

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Tony Elliott

Tony Elliott

Tony Elliott is an investigative journalist, researcher, author, and established writer with articles in over 20 publications of differing topics Political Commentary Columnist for the Cimarron News Press in Cimarron, New Mexico from 2001 to 2003 generating the controversy he was hired for. Tony also was a regular writer for several small coastal newspapers in Southern Oregon during the early 1990's. BOOKS: Aura Visions: The Origin Prophecy, Enviroclowns: The Climate Change Circus, Strange Sounds: A Research Report

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