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Liberal Stephen Colbert Mocks Rachel Maddow [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

You know it must be bad when liberals are mocking their own.

In his opening monologue, Late Show host Stephen Colbert joked about Rachel Maddow’s anti-climactic ‘big reveal’ regarding Trump’s tax returns.

“Huge news about Donald Trump almost happened last night,” he joked. “Our friend Rachel Maddow unleashed a force five ‘tweeticane’ with ‘we’ve got Trump tax returns, tonight, 9PM, MSNBC, seriously.’ So important for news networks to add ‘seriously’ to any announcement, so the audience knows you’re not pranking them like you do.”

“Rachel took us on an emotional roller coaster,” Colbert noted. “Because like a roller coaster, at the end, you’re right back where you started. And feeling a little queezy.”

He continued: “Then, after what, 20 minutes of explaining what taxes are, and who Donald Trump is, Maddow was ready to show us the tax return.”

He cuts to Maddow continuing to build up what’s in Trump’s tax returns, only to say that she’ll go over them after the commercial break.

“What?! A cliffhanger?” the Late Show host exclaimed. “Is this news or a reality show?”

“I don’t want to watch ‘America’s Got 1040s,'” he said.

Check out his opening monologue here:

Yes, the opening monologue also included jabs at the President and Kellyanne Conway, but that’s to be expected.

He spent a good deal of time mocking Maddow for her over-hyped fake news. And he wasn’t done. He continued roasting her by telling the audience that he had a joke. He never actually was able to get to the punchline though:

Her ratings may have gone up for that one night, but when you pull a stunt like she pulled, they’re likely to plummet immediately afterward. People lose trust very quickly when they realize they’ve been had.

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