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Democrats Bad Obamacare Youth Math

Do you hear that?

It’s the sound of yet another fundamental piece of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) crumbling. You might also hear the sound of pennies rattling in the bottom of a young American’s empty bank account. Ours are the backs on which the healthcare system was supposed to rest, but the worst of it may still be coming. Since young people are typically healthier than older generations, our premiums are not used by us, but rather fund the aging population.

The architects of Obamacare expected young Americans to pile onto the free birth control bandwagon, but it seems our sense of invincibility has caused a problem for President Obama and his band of no-longer-merry healthcare men.

In a report out this week, troubling numbers show that a below-estimated number of young Americans enrolled in Obamacare, threatening the already-wounded system. It was expected that America’s youth would be able to offset the cost of the aging population, a theory that was doubtful from the start.

And the latest numbers show that something’s got to give.

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