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Atlanta Cop Won’t Help Woman Change her Flat Tire for This RIDICULOUS Reason…Here’s Who Ended up Helping Her

Written by eaglerising

Kathryn Anderson, a young woman in her twenties, had a flat tire on the way to work on Monday morning, in Marietta, Georgia. She called the non-emergency line for help, since she had never been taught how to change a tire.

A police officer showed up and determined that changing the tire would get his uniform dirty. He told her that he couldn’t help her because he needed to stay clean, and then told her to stay in the car with the doors locked, while she called someone else to come help her.

Seriously?? I once changed a flat tire in a WHITE DRESS and still managed to do it without getting anything on my dress. I know for a fact that he could have changed her tire with minimal mess. The dispatcher should have the info of which officer was sent out, and he needs to have a serious talking to.

Kathryn called into the local radio station, 96.1 as they were doing their “Struggle Bus” segment. They actually sent someone from the radio station out to change her tire!!

Here is the audio…

Listen to the AUDIO and view a couple IMAGES of the tire-changing event at Keep and Bear

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