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The Truth Comes Out About Obama’s Birth Certificate ‘Leaked’ by Half-Brother Malik Obama

Written by iPatriot

But it’s fake.

I know, sad face.

But what isn’t sad is how funny Malik Obama is. He must be really angry with his half-brother the former President because he has taken trolling Obama to a new level.

First, he came out in support of Donald Trump.

Then he developed into one of the most rabidly supportive Trump voices on the Internet.

Following that he seems to have embraced the alt-right. Just a glance at his Twitter feed shows that he writes using a lot of alt-right language and posts pictures commonly used on the alt-right.

For example, here’s Malik posting the ever popular Pepe the Frog meme while also using the term Kekistan which is a popular alt-right term from R…

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