Fox News Asks – Why Not Impeach Obama?

Mitch McConnell is not high on the list of people that conservatives love. Now, to be sure, he’s nowhere near the RINO status that John McCain or Lindsey Graham possess…but there has been enough dithering from the McConnell -led Senate to turn Tea Party stomachs on more than one occasion. Recently, the Senate Minority Leader went on Fox News to be interviewed by Megyn Kelly and air some of the complaints Republicans have for President Obama.

The chief one was his abusive use of the Executive Order and Recess Appointments as a form of governing. Currently, the Supreme Court is deciding about the Constitutionality of his actions, and for most Republicans (and Democrats of 6 or 7 years ago), the President has overstepped his Constitutional bounds.

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After a short discussion about the case before the Court, Kelly asks the most important question. “If the President is overreaching so often – why not impeach him?”

weakFor any active conservative, you know that this is the question that people have been asking for years. In every town hall I’ve been at, someone has asked it. In almost every Q&A I’ve had the chance to be a part of with local community groups, people have asked it. I even get emails several times a week asking when someone, anyone, in Congress will have the guts to begin impeachment proceedings?

The short answer?


It’s not going to happen. Republicans are scared that an impeachment would actually help the President. They wouldn’t actually be able to get a conviction because the Democrats control the Senate, and so they worry that the entire exercise would look political and hurt their chances in the next couple of elections.

For now, we’ll have to take our victories in other places. We must keep working to undercut the liberal Democrat policies everywhere we see them. Keep talking about how horrendous Obamacare is. Keep posting on social media how bad the economy actually is. Liberal policies are killing us. However, if you look around the world – nation’s with conservative economic policies are excelling. Countries like Poland, Latvia and Estonia are using the free market to drive economic progress and even socialist countries like Sweden and Denmark have moved in a more conservative direction.

Our ideas work. We have the proof. Let’s use it.

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