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A Broken Campaign Promise by Trump…and Why I’m Actually ECSTATIC About It

Jeff Dunetz
Written by Jeff Dunetz

Yesterday it was a positive jobs report, today it’s illegal immigration, I know that its been less than two months since the inauguration, and so much good has happened in that short time.  The president promised there would be so much winning that we would get sick and tired of all the winning. But if I were to be perfectly honest, there’s not even a twinge…no feeling of being sick and tired of all of the Trump winning. I’m not accusing the president of lying, maybe it’s something in my DNA. What President Trump has gotten done in seven short weeks without a full cabinet is astounding. He is certainly winning at a record pace ..but I am sad to say, I don’t think I’ll ever be sick and tired of all the winning.

The winning started during the transition period, when the President announced about 1,000 Carrier jobs would stay in the Indiana, many corporations followed since then with announcements they had changed their plans and were no longer moving production/jobs out of the country, and/or other companies creating new jobs in the U.S. The latest was announced Monday as Exxon revealed  its Growing the Gulf program, a $20 billion investment over 10 years that would bring 45,000 jobs to America’s gulf region.

These wonderful announcements were a result of urging by President Trump, and/or reaction to the fact that the POTUS is on the road to lowering taxes and changing regulations that have created an awful environment for running a business in the United States.

The crazy part is that it is way too early for any of those great announcements to have an effect on the job market. But the job market is growing anyway.

A labor-market survey on Wednesday provided the latest signal that job growth is strengthening along with business con…

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Jeff Dunetz

Jeff Dunetz

Jeff is a Journalist, Blogger and one of the rare Jewish conservatives in a sea of north east liberal Jews (Thanksgiving dinner is a real pip). Jeff was honored with the 2014 Not For Profit Blogger of the Year award by the National Blogger's Club, is editor/publisher of The Lid (, contributing reporter at and Political Columnist for the newspaper, The Jewish Star.

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