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Here’s How to Fight Back Against Government Education…and Get PAID for It!

Gary DeMar
Written by Gary DeMar

A good friend of mine owns numerous pre-schools that actually educate children. Children learn to read before they enter the first grade. They are taught a moral worldview based on God’s Word. Their young lives are transformed by the experience.

I have been following Grace Community Schools for more than 20 years. If you or your children would like to be involved in changing the world, here’s a great place to start by working with Grace Community School either through employment or running your own school. The upcoming conference, where I will be one of the speakers, explains what’s involved in being FREE (including lodging and meals):

Grace Community School has been operating successful Christian schools in Southwest Florida for more than thirty years, and their Apprenticeship Program provides on-the-job training and assistance in obtaining credentials for those wanting to start and/or operate Christian schools. Apprentices will learn to run successful and profitable Christian schools with a mind towards financial independence. This is an apprenticeship program, NOT an unpaid internship.

Apprentices receive:

• Free housing (if needed)

• Salary pay (again, this is NOT an unpaid internship!)

• Intensive training in all aspects of operating a successful and profitable Christian school

• Weekly seminary-level theological training at Nicene Covenant Church

• FREE bachelor’s and master’s degree college tuition through Patriot Bible University

If you would like to know more about Grace Community School’s Apprenticeship Program and its upcoming conference, here are the specifics:

The GCS Apprenticeship Program will cover hot…

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