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Dem Senator Admits There’s no ‘Hard Evidence’ to Prove Collusion Between Trump and Russians…But he Believes it Anyway [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

It seems to be a common refrain among Democrats. They’re sure there was collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. They just don’t have any evidence.

Fox News’s Chris Wallace asked Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) if these investigations into this alleged ‘collusion’ were really an honest attempt to get to the bottom of something, or if they were just diversions in an attempt to block Trump’s agenda at every turn.

As you’d expect, Coons didn’t offer any answer to that, even after repeated inquiries from the Fox News host.

“[D]o you worry that this continued talk about this when we are months into this and there was no evidence of collusion, there’s no evidence that any crime or anything untoward was committed,” Wallace said. “Do you worry that this continues to put this President under a cloud, continues to derail his agenda, or frankly, sir, is that precisely the point?”

Coons answered, saying that he wasn’t “the person who forced or coerced in any way Senator Sessions to answer incorrectly or falsely in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.” Oh, come on. Anyone reading Sessions’s answers in context would see exactly what he was saying. Democrats keep taking his one comment about not having any communications with the Russians out of context.

Wallace told him that he’d get to Sessions in a moment and pressed the Senator again: “Is the point here to keep this White House from being able to do what it’s trying to do by continuing, at this point, evidence-free debate about collusion with the Russians?” Coons answered:

“That’s not my goal, Chris. I recently met with the new commerce secretary just on Thursday, to sit down with him and say I’m on the relevant subcommittee that appropriates the Commerce Department’s funding. I would like to work with you and manufacturing policy. I think we can do things to get back to focusing on growing our economy and growing manufacturing jobs.  

“Chris, you know me, and I think you’d recognize that I’m someone who is willing to work across the aisle. My goal here is to make sure that we defend our democracy. It’s outrageous to suggest that we shouldn’t investigate thoroughly and fully what are credible allegations of Russian interference in our election.”

To Coons’ credit, he did give credence to the possibility that former President Obama wiretapped Trump’s phones, although he said that would be highly unlikely. What was more likely, according to Sen. Coons, is that Trump was merely the target of an investigation by the FBI and DOJ, in which case Trump was the one who tweeted out confidential information. Either way, Coons said it was something that should be investigated.


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