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Obama Administration Extorted Cash From the DOJ Slush Fund for Their Friends

Written by iPatriot

Those who love government, love it, in part, for its authority to regulate evil private sector industries. Of course this is redundant, because as we know, all private sector endeavors are inherently evil. All private sector corporations would purposely poison, maim and/or kill all of their customers if it weren’t for government regulation forbidding them from doing so.

So when our government watchdogs sniff out a company which has produced a faulty product or otherwise swindled the innocent, you can bet a hefty financial penalty will follow suit.

Yet, as we’ve known for years, and others are now discovering, the Obama government was not as much an industry watchdog as it was possibly the world’s largest crime syndicate.

Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire reports on a Fox News story that broke just Wednesday. “Advocates for big government and progressive power are using the Justice Department to extort money from corporations,” Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch told Fox. “It’s a shakedown. It’s corrupt, pure and simple.”

So what’s this all about? Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh explained the basic parameters of the slush fund scheme, and it would make the Mob proud.

Obama’s Department of (In)Justice, under both Loretta Lynch and her crooked predecessor Eric Holder, would file a federal complaint or suit against a corporation they deemed was doing something they weren’t supposed to be. And as they are the arbiters of everything Just, their judgment of wrong-doing was/is without question.

The thugs at Justice would then pub…

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