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Dem Rep Jokes About Kellyanne Conway’s Couch Photo: ‘She Really Looked Kind of Familiar in That Position’ [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

I don’t know what he actually meant by his comment, but it was couched in the context of a “comedy routine” at the Washington Press Club Foundation dinner.

Representative Cedric Richmond (D-LA) directed the Kellyanne Conway “joke” to Senator Tim Scott seated immediately to the speaking Congressman’s left.

kellyanne conway couch“I really just want to know what was going on there,” Richmond said to Scott. “You know I won’t tell anybody, and you can just explain to me that circumstance, because she really looked kind of familiar in that position.”

This was one joke among many others, including the one about Steve Bannon being in the KKK, and others about President Trump whom he referred to as ’45.’

“[He’s] not really my president, so I can say those jokes,” he said.

Obviously, this caused a bit of a ruckus, with people accusing him of making a “sex joke” about Kellyanne Conway. He certainly implied some kind of innuendo, although I don’t know what exactly.

In response, Rep. Richmond said in a statement:

“Since some people have interpreted my joke to mean something that it didn’t I think it is important to clarify what I meant. Where I grew up saying that someone is looking or acting ‘familiar’ simply means that they are behaving too comfortably.”

I think it goes without saying that if this “joke” had been told by a white, male Republican about a senior level female in a Democratic White House (imagine Huma Abedin serving as counselor to President Hillary Clinton), there would wall-to-wall coverage of it, and politicians and the media would be outraged and calling for that representative’s resignation.

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