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Why Armed Robber Will Never Try to Rob This Barbershop Again [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

An man armed with a shotgun attempted to rob a barbershop in Omaha, Nebraska called Fadekings. The man – identified as 23-year-old Lucas Ortiz – barged in last Friday and dropped a backpack on the floor, pointed his gun at the barbers, and ordered them to empty their pockets.

But unbeknownst to the armed robber, the barbershop owners – two brothers Jesse and David Galvan – had a plan for just this sort of incident. KETV reported:

“When he cocked the thing in my face to me and my customer, that’s when I know he wasn’t playing, I kind of looked at my brother and I threw my wallet on the floor, and then my brother knew what to do next,” David said.

That’s because they have a plan, David explained.

“Me and my brother already had a game plan for robberies, because they’ve been robbing all this street right here,” David said.

Jesse, a registered gun owner, says he keeps his weapon strapped to his body when he’s inside his barbershop.

“So I told him put the gun down, gun down, and I was pointing my gun at him, and he just shot at me,” Jesse said.

Jesse says the bullet whizzed by within an arm’s length, hitting the corner of the mirror over his head.

“If he had regular ammunition, like pellets, it would’ve hit my customer, it would’ve hit me,” Jesse said.

Jesse said he fired back multiple times, hitting Ortiz, who Jesse says crawled back out the door.

The brothers say everything was captured on their surveillance system, and they’re happy nobody else was hurt.

“My baby, my 3-year-old was upstairs, and my wife was upstairs,” Jesse said.

The Galvans say every business owner should have a plan and procedure for emergency situations such as this one.

“We’re happy to be here, you know, we’re here to do our job, that’s all,” Jesse said.

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