New York City’s Faux Robin Hood

Mayor de Blasio was at Gracie Mansion on Sunday like an awkward, clumsy, cartoon Shrek, trying to be polite and announcing to the crowds, “Welcome to the people’s house.”

It is embarrassing that he would echo Michelle Obama’s comment about the White House—“It’s the ‘People’s House.’”

Michelle is the snob of the unpatriotic western world.  Isn’t she the one who said she had never been proud of the country until her husband was elected? I can’t imagine the people actually being welcomed to her house for over five minutes or being invited to sleep over at Bill de Blasio’s.

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Can you imagine Bill cooking everyone a dinner or letting them use his toilets? He’d have the NYPD throwing the public out by the bucket load.

Michelle and Bill both pretend they are nice guys but they are selfish political climbers. They wouldn’t give away ice in this very cold winter. There are no stories of them laying their coats on the shoulders of bums. Of them washing the feet of the poor like Pope Francis.

Like de Blasio would go out on the corner and live in a sleeping bag or a box while the people sleep in his bed.  It’s like the bears finding goldilocks in their bed.

Does de Blasio really think that the people believe that they are welcome in his house? That his house is theirs?

Why does de Blasio boast such stupid things as, “Welcome to the people’s house?”  Why doesn’t he tell us what economic plans he has for us to improve our fate?

Why doesn’t he tell us how he will pragmatically improve our lot?  He and Obama exacerbate class divisions and ratify the division between two cities.  They make us feel the gap between rich and poor as a poisonous impediment rather than a breach that can be bridged.

Instead of love and cooperation de Blasio creates revolution and civilian war.  Instead of harmonious beauty he spreads the weeds of bitter jealousy. If he wants to pull the city out of trouble, he should pull himself like a weed out of the garden he is about to destroy.

de-blasio2De Blasio is always imitating Robin Hood and pretending he identifies with the poor. Why not?  It gives him communion with a plethora of ignorant voters?

Sure, de Blasio welcomes the people to Gracie mansion verbally, but not emotionally.  I’m sure he’d be bored of his guests after ten minutes.

De Blasio shouldn’t pretend that he is going to improve the city when he is a clone of Mayor Dinkins and of Obama. Liberal politicians are all cut from the same cloth, dreamers not doers, ideologues not pragmatists, taxers rather than economic stimulators, destroyers rather than creators.

Doesn’t de Blasio realize that his stopping stop and frisk for political reasons will end up in dramatically increasing the murder rate?  Why doesn’t he tell us that he will reform rather than heightening  class warfare?

Does de Blasio think so little of our intelligence that we might believe that we will be welcome tenants in Gracie Mansion?

It’s Bill’s temporary house; not ours.  The mayor shouldn’t announce that he is going to end the Tale of Two Cities.  After all, he is the one who will be barricading himself in Gracie Mansion.


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David Lawrence

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