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Bette Midler Blames Warm Weather on Men: ‘Our Poor Planet, Crucified on the Cross of Fecklessness…Mostly by Men’

Written by Philip Hodges

Here are some basic rules to understand when discussing the relationship between weather and manmade global warming:

When it’s excessively cold in winter, it’s due to global warming. When it’s unusually hot in the summer, it’s global warming.

When the weather is unseasonably cold, it’s because of global warming. And when it’s unseasonably warm, it’s global warming.

Famed Nobel Prize-winning climate scientist Bette Midler – who also apparently dabbles in acting and singing – recently tweeted that this unseasonably warm weather was the result of global warming, which she said was caused by ‘mostly men.’



And then on Friday, she tweeted:

This isn’t the first time this climatologist has tweeted out scathing remarks about global warming and the ‘science-deniers’ who caused it.

And this is what she had to say in January, 2014 when many places in the U.S., including the South, were experiencing record snowfall:

Leave it to someone like Bette Midler to blame beautiful weather on men. How are we supposed to take that? Is it supposed to be like a backhanded compliment?

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