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DNC Senior Advisor Says ‘Gender Identity’ is ‘Settled Science’ [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

This was a pretty lively debate. Tucker Carlson took on DNC senior advisor Zac Petkanas about gender identity – the idea that one can ‘choose’ whichever gender one wants, even if said gender does not comport with that person’s gender at birth.

So, if a boy ‘identifies’ as a girl, he (or ‘she’) should be able to use the women’s restroom, the women’s locker room, play on girls’/women’s sports teams, attend all-women schools and colleges, go to women’s prisons, etc. You get the idea.

Petkanas called Trump a ‘monster’ on Twitter for reversing the Obama administration’s directive on transgender bathrooms. All Trump did was return the issue to the states.

Carlson first asked Petkanas whether Obama was also a ‘monster’ for not issuing the transgender directive during the first seven years of his term. Since Petkanas is simply an Obama and Democrat cheerleader, of course he’s not going to call Obama a monster. He didn’t want to answer Tucker’s question, so he dodged it.

Then, their debate got interesting. Tucker brought up the issue of gender identity in the context of science. Now, the Democratic Party prides itself on being the ‘party of science.’

For instance, they believe that cow flatulence and SUVs will cause the earth to heat up to such a catastrophic level that the human race may actually be wiped out. Further, they believe that all we have to do to stop the climate apocalypse is to bankrupt the oil and gas industry and force people to buy over-priced and inefficient green energy.

In addition, they believe that a person can be whatever gender he or she wants, regardless of the gender that person was born with. All that person has to do is ‘identify’ as their preferred gender. If you don’t understand that, then according to Petkanas, you simply haven’t been ‘enlightened’ yet. Take a look:

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