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‘By Mid-Summer’: George Will Makes This Prediction About Trump and his Supporters [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

George Will is no fan of Donald Trump. As a man who’s following in William F. Buckley’s footsteps, he lives to make “American conservatism intellectually coherent and politically palatable.”

As such, Mr. Will finds it impossible to endorse policies pushed by Donald Trump, a man whom he does not in the least consider to be a conservative.

He thinks that by mid-summer, one of two things will happen. Either conservatives will ‘rediscover’ conservatism, or “there’s going to be a banquet, a feast of people eating words they’ve spoken for thirty years.”

Here’s part of what he said on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show The Last Word:

GEORGE WILL: Donald Trump has to perform now. The next thing he has to do is submit a budget. When the budget comes up calling for a trillion dollars in infrastructure spending, a tax cut that will lose by bipartisan assessment $5.8 trillion over a decade plus an increased military spending, plus protectionism, which means government deciding what Americans can consume at what prices and what quantities — what’s called economic planning and crony capitalism and all the rest – when that budget comes out, people are either going to rediscover their conservative convictions, or there’s going to be a banquet, a feast of people eating words they’ve spoken for 30 years…
[I] think when they realize all that you embrace when you embrace protectionism, enormous executive discretion, government planning essentially what we can consume and how the economy will work and who shall be winners and who shall be losers, when they realize the slippery slope they’re on, away from bedrock conservative principles, I think things will change by mid-summer.

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