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This is How the Media Create Fake News

Written by iPatriot

The news media are either twisting Trump’s words and blatantly lying about what he says, or they are too stupid to understand him when he speaks. A great example came out of the recent rally Trump held in Melbourne, FL.

At the rally, Trump said, “We’ve got to keep our country safe—you look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening (last night) in Sweden, Sweden, who would believe this, Sweden, they took in large numbers, they’re having problems like they never thought possible; you look at what’s happening in Brussels…”

Okay, now, I’m not claiming that President Trump speaks with the most stellar grammatical correctness, in fact, he has a habit of separating his antecedents from their explanatory phrases (qualifiers or quantifiers) which can lead to misunderstandings by those with “slow ears” in English.

Here is an example:  “John washed the dishes and Mary on Tuesday.”

At face value, this appears to say John washed the dishes and John washed Mary on Tuesday. Anyone that is quick in understanding English will know that the and Mary got separated from the antecedent action washed to only make it appear like John washed Mary when indeed what was really meant was, “John and
Mary washed the dishes on Tuesday.”

People with very quick minds and high IQs do this often in their speech patterns because they think faster, and in greater scope, than they are actually speaking, and so they interject details into their own sentences that really belong with the prior antec…

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