How the Ted Cruz vs. Bernie Sanders Debate Was Unlike Every Other Political Debate

Written by iPatriot

My son and I watched the Obamacare debate between comrade Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz the other night.

We both agreed it was the most entertaining debate we had ever watched. It was actually fun. When was last time anyone could say that of a political debate? Answer: Never!

Debates are predictable and boring. We can mostly surmise what each candidate will say before they do. And it’s always droll political double-speak. They talk and talk and never say anything. It is a practiced and smarmy art form.

But this was different, which is why it was a relative ratings bonanza. Obviously people enjoyed it as it was the night’s top-rated cable news program in the 25-54 age bracket.

What I personally found fascinating and was pleasantly surprised by were that the moderators, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, TV news stars in their own right, made no attempt to put themselves before the two participants. Many times over the last year, the moderators attempted to steal the limelight, as it were.

Left-wing, or at the very least, left-leaning moderators always attempt to intervene or inject themselves into the debate. Exhibit A might be the famous exchange between moderator Candy Crowley and Mitt Romney in 2012, or Martha Raddatz vs. Donald Trump. But they can’t help themselves. Whatever the job – leftist are leftists first and anything else is secondary.

But this was certainly not the case Tuesday night. Bash is a leftist and Tapper, although infinitely more fair than other journalists, is still left-leaning. Yet you wouldn’t have known it from their performance. Tapper and Bash kept the conversations flowing, but d…

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